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With pledges exceeding $30,000 at MFL2019, we have expanded to provide to marriage building weekends in 2020. But the work is far from over as we work toward raising a total of $100,000 to fully fund MFL2020. (The $30,000 mentioned in the video above was for one additional night on an additional weekend...BUT WE'RE GOING FOR TWO NIGHTS!)
Would you consider joining the MFL Marriage Builder team?

                                                        We are looking for couples willing to partner with us:
                                                        For as little as $600 a year, couples can get 2 free rooms and register ONE MONTH EARLY    

                                                        (October 1)
    We also have dream of finding 10 new businesses willing to partner with us

                                               and send some of their employees to the event:
                                                         For as little as $1,200, a business can get 2 free rooms for employees, register ONE MONTH

                                                         EARLY (October 1), and receive advertisement perks at the event.

Contact Kenny Coblentz  if you'd like to explore the benefits of being an MFL Marriage Builder or to set you up on a monthly payment plan. You can also go to click here and make an online donation today!

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